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Ohio Conceal Carry (CCW) Training

Advanced Conceal Carry Training

CPR / First Aid Training

NRA Instructor Course Training

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Ohio Conceal Carry (CCW) Training

Taught by Certified NRA Instructors

Professional Classroom Environments

Beginner or Advanced Students

Small Classes for Individual Attention

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Advanced Conceal Carry Training

Learn the 5 Steps to Draw from Concealment

Move and Shoot

How to Stop the Threat

Multiple Attackers

And Much More.....

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NRA Instructor Training

Become a Certified NRA Instructor

Start Your Own Firearms Business

Teach Conceal Carry Classes

Become a Firearms Expert

Become an NRA Firearms Instructor – Click Here!

Freedom Arms USA Personal Firearms Defense Training serves the Greater Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio areas. Freedom Arms USA is the premier firearms training school in the Miami Valley.  We provide professional firearms and safety training to civilians so that they may better protect themselves and their families.

We specialize in the “first time” gun owner and shooter. That being said, Freedom Arms USA provides Personal Firearms Protection Training with an easy to understand curriculum. If you want to learn about firearm safety, get your conceal carry (CCW / CHL) permit or train in advanced conceal carry, we can make it happen for you. We can also customize a special training program to take you as far as you want to go. CPR, 1st aid and AED training is also available.

All Freedom Arms USA’s instructors are NRA Certified or Law Enforcement Certified. We will provide you with the highest educational value in all our training classes. We understand that many of our students have never even fired a gun before. With that understanding, we take you from the basics of gun handling and safety to being able to fire a gun with confidence and accuracy in a defensive situation.

Conceal Carry Handgun Training

At Freedom Arms USA, we will provide you with the required state training to get your Concealed Handgun (CCW/CHL) Permit.  Our classes are thorough and exceed the state requirements to give you the best quality instruction.  To see what is required to get a conceal carry handgun permit, visit the Ohio Attorney General Website by clicking HERE.

Whether you are new to firearms, or an experienced shooter, you will learn a lot from our training.

Click HERE for more information and to see our training schedule.

Advanced Conceal Carry Training

Getting your Conceal Carry Permit is just the first step in your training.  You are no better prepared to protect yourself or your family after you get your permit unless you take advanced classes.

Freedom Arms USA provides you with advanced training for personal firearms defense.  These classes are all taught on the range and put you in real life scenarios that will take you beyond basic target shooting.  You will learn how to properly draw from concealment, analyze the threat and shoot in a confused, stressful environment.  Being able to properly defend yourself and others in these situations is critical to your survival.

Our Advanced Conceal Carry classes are not only informative and crucial, but are a lot of fun and will leave you wanting more!  In fact many of our students take this class several times!

Click HERE for more information and training schedules.

Become an NRA Instructor

Freedom Arms USA now offers NRA Instructor courses.  Become a Certified NRA Instructor and start your own Firearms Training Business! Whether you train people part time or full time, this is a great opportunity for you to make extra $$ doing something you enjoy doing – Shooting!  You will also be giving people a lifetime of security by teaching them the proper techniques and practices to shoot correctly and safely.

This course will not only cover and give you the tools to teach people proper shooting practices, but will also train you on how to train people, even if you have never taught anything.

If you have the desire, drive and attitude, you can be a Certified NRA Instructor!

Click HERE for more information!

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